Little information if offered about zoning specifications for Pike Place Market in the municipal code. While this region is included in "downtown" ordinances, frequently Pike Place is singled out in the text as a neighborhood to which the code will not apply. When looking at the Pike Place literature available, it seems that this mixed-use neighborhood focuses on preserving historic values and community amenities.

The buildings in the district are designated as follows:

PMM-85 - Pike Market Mixed-85

PP - Pike Place Market Historic Core Area

DF - Downtown Fire District
Zml 109

PMM zonesEdit

Seattle Municipal Code Edit

Title 23 - LAND USE CODE

Subtitle III Land Use Regulations

Division 1 Land Use Zones

Chapter 23.34 - Amendments to Official Land Use Map (Rezones)

Subchapter II Rezone Criteria----

The Pike Market Mixed zone designation shall apply to the area encompassed by the adopted Pike Place Project Urban Renewal Plan inclusive of the Pike Place Historic District.

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