Municipal code

General and historic information Edit

Pike Place hub

Centennial exhibit

APA overview - insightful

Seattle wins smart growth award


Code relevant to list Edit

Zoning use districts - link Edit

Explains PMM zone


From Design Review Program Edit

Voluntarily applies to mixed-use, among other zones. Seems to serve like a supplementary form-based code.

Weather protection

Blank walls

Lighting and signage

Retail in parking

Minimizing parking garage and lot impact - garage placement, but not relevant to parking density

Creating outdoor commercial space - related to sidewalk cafes

Bicycle racks

Screening parking - relevant to parking landscaping

Parking placement - between street and building

Building entrances - applies to multi-family/mixed-use buildings in commercial areas

From Municipal code Edit

Cottage Housing Developments

Density bonus for LEED buildings

Live-work 'Home Occupations'

SF yards - relevant to lot line development

SF lot sizes - no maximums, only minimums

Attached units

Prohibited uses in Pike Market Mixed use zone - relevant to drive up commercial uses

FAR for PMM and deducations and exemptions - hopefully relevant to density bonuses

Shared parking

Parking quantity requirements

Compact parking

  • 'Small vehicle' parking
  • Includes percentage minimums and maximums
  • Small and large in non-residential, medium only in residential

Resources Edit

Parking Planning Tool

Making Streets That Work

Design Guidelines - highly relevant design guides used to find many codes relevant to checklist

Ordinances for Pike Place - not terribly informational or impactful

Creating sense of place through district use

Standards for district rehabilitation - historical protection

Transportation document

Land use codes for parking - easy access to parking quantity requirements by zone

Source for LEED incentives