14th Street to the Houston, the Hudson River to Broadway
Greenwich and West

Zones Edit

Commercial chunk Edit

  • C1 - Local retail district (C1-6, C1-6A, C1-7, C1-7A)
  • C2 - Local service district (C-6, C-7)
  • C4 - General central commercial district (C4-4A, C4-5)
    • one chunk is designated as a special purpose district
  • C6- General central commercial district (C6-1, C6-2, C6-2A, C-3, C-3A, C4-4)

Residential Edit

Mixed between commercial districts

  • R6 - General residence district
  • R6A - General residence district
    • With C1-5 Overlay - with depth of 100ft in from nearest street
  • R7 - General residence district
    • ne segment with C1-5 Overlay - with depth of 100ft in from nearest street
  • R10 - General Residential District

Manufacturing districts Edit

Mostly large and separated

CEQR Designations Edit

D-92, D-93, D-94, D-95, E-4, two E-149 in the commercial and manufacturing zones

  • Pursuant to state law, the City Environmental Quality Review (CEQR) process identifies and assesses the potential environmental impacts of discretionary actions, except for minor exemptions, that are proposed in New York City by public or private applicants and funded or approved by a city agency. A discretionary action, such as a zoning map amendment, cannot begin public review until a “conditional negative declaration” or “negative declaration” has been issued, stating that no significant environmental impacts have been identified or, if any potential impacts have been identified, a draft environmental impact statement has been completed, evaluating the significance of identified impacts and proposing appropriate mitigation.
  • A letter “E” on a zoning map indicates a site where environmental requirements must be satisfied before a building permit may be issued for any development, enlargement or change of use.

Details and sources Edit

*Density for residential district is determined by dividing the maximum development floor area permitted by the Dwelling Unit Factor (DWF), resulting in the maximum units allowed on the zoned lot

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