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Municipal code

  • While there are some general codes, most apply to individual districts and therefore can be found mostly under the 'Zoning districts' link.

Codes relevant to checklist Edit

Sidewalk cafes - permitted

Street sales - permitted

Signage - maximum heights allowed within relevant zones highlighted, to help determine if it's appropriate for pedestrians

Required parking -

  • No maximums, only minimums
  • Interior landscaping required
  • Bicycle parking required minimums
  • Perimeter landscaping/screening required for lots
  • Walkways required in lots

Shared parking - allowed for zones not included in the GPH neighborhood

Accessory uses - allowed for residential purposes

Home occupations - allowed for different purposes

Compact parking - available

Cottage/courtyard housing - none listed

Weather and wind protection - none listed

Zoning districts Edit

Resources and details Edit

Overview map of Denver neighborhoods


Zoning district information

Source of zoning map